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Resilience Coaching

Resilience Coaching

What is Resilience Coaching?

  • Overcoming unhealthy emotions.
  • Learn to think and act in healthier ways, that will provide solutions, not more problems.
  • Become resilient within yourself. enabling you to cope whatever the situation you are dealing with.
  • Gain clarity and understanding with your thoughts.

I am a Resilience Coach specialising in helping people overcome difficulties and challenges that arise in their life (trauma, stress, anxiety) to gaining greater confidence and clarity within ourselves. 

 My style of  Coaching is about helping you finding calmness in a busy mind, direction in a busy world, and space to discover yourself.  When you find calmness and direction, you regain a sense of knowing what to do and what to say in any situation. When you reconnect with your inner compass, gain honesty with yourself, you will discover your inner resilience, allowing you to face challenges or obstacles with greater clarity and confidence. Our time together will create the space for change and your inner resilience to emerge. 

I am particularly interested in helping people who experience anxiety, worry and stress.

The sessions will allow time for you to explore and talk about what ever needs attention

You will gain a greater understanding about how and why you think the way you do.

You will learn new ways of being more responsive, and less reactive from your emotions.

You will be able to adapt the way you think about your thoughts, gaining opportunities to think from new and different perspectives.

Spending time together will create a space for you to find your own path, allowing your inner resilience to emerge, in your own unique way.

Passionate about speaking from the heart