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I don't think there's an area of my life that CBT hasn't improved. Before CBT it was like my own brain was tormenting me, stuck looping on these horrible, painful thoughts keeping me trapped and miserable in a world I was creating. After CBT I feel much happier, lighter, more resilient, all of my relationships have improved (not just the one I wanted help with), my work and stress levels have improved, I feel more emotionally stable and I knew I was going to say this - but I wish I'd done it sooner! It's been quite amazing how much it's improved my quality of life so quickly. 



I would describe you as a very patient, understanding, caring, lovely therapist. Everything a good therapist should be really! I appreciated that you used humour in our sessions and I felt comfortable talking to you. I would recommend you to anyone that was thinking about getting CBT. 



The work we have done has had an impact on myself which has bettered my standard of life.

The way this has happened is by changing how I see life and the beliefs that was ingrained in my, my thoughts and feelings against them.

By challenging my beliefs, it changed my thoughts and feelings of what I used to think and feel about certain things.

This freed my mind from worry and doubt, which created space in my head, to enjoy the present time and be more open minded about everything, i.e. what was happening now and in the future.

The stress I used to have that was attached to old beliefs, the worry and unhealthy thoughts, really drained me and stopped me from moving forward with my life.

I kept repeating old behaviours and was going round in circles, getting very frustrated.

It’s so nice now to just live my life without all these worries and stresses.



The most beneficial part of the course was when I started to see the light again, I started to believe in myself and be more confident, which was such a big thing for me.

I always doubted myself before, never gave myself enough credit.

I used to worry what people thought of me and if they would judge me for being me,

Now I’m stronger, I am who I am and no one should take that from me or change me.

They need to learn to like me for who I am and if they don’t it’s their problem and not mine.



Rupert as a therapist is great, so helpful and patient, he doesn’t make me feel bad if he has to keep repeating the questions in different ways for me to understand.

He adapts to different needs, as each time we spoke I would be feeling a different way.

He understands me as an individual, knowing that some things need to be repeated so I understand or that they sink in, then we can move forward once this is done.

Rupert sent me recordings of our sessions, this was so helpful to see my progression.

Rupert never rushed sessions, I always felt listened to, he was always more than happy to help and support me with everything along the journey.

I can not thank him enough for what he has done.

I am so happy with how this has all worked and know that I would have probably given up if it wasn’t Rupert who was my therapist.



The work we have done has impacted my life is such a positive way. My stress levels have dropped massively. If I'm overwhelmed by things, I now have the tools and questions to explore this and most of the time resolve these feelings without any drama or upset. I now own my feelings and understand I don't need to be positive all the time but rubbish things also don't have to ruin my day. It’s a wonderful feeling to feel such contentment with my emotions. I never have before. I've always feared the happiness knowing the sadness and fear is normally a day or so away.



The work we have done has impacted my life by leading me towards greater self-acceptance and offering me hope for becoming a more fully imperfect and self-loving human.



As a therapist I would describe you as attentive, engaged, caring and affirming. You are a strong listener and a fierce advocate for my goodness and compassionate self. You are gifted in leading by following and validating and reflecting. You are kind, respectful, and model your beliefs with courage and integrity. 


“These sessions I can honestly say have been life changing. I cannot thank Rupert enough for the patient and safe ear he has given me. These thoughts ruined many summers/ weekends etc with my children and without the guilty thoughts of the past (thanks to these sessions) we can all move forward with excitement and a little more stability in my world. My world around me hasn’t changed but my quality of life has and will continue to improve the more I get used to this new me!”


“I enjoyed being coached by Rupert a lot. He has a very gentle approach to coaching and helped me question some of my beliefs. He made me see that I have a choice whether to attach to a thought or let it go. I felt a lot more at ease after talking to him. He has a great way of making you feel heard and helps to see things from a different perspective.”


“Coaching has been an easy and, for me, an essential integration into my life. I am constantly unsing the skills that have been developped in the sessions and can confidently say these sessions have changes my life for the better.
The sessions are so helpful especially at times when my anxiety is taking over and I forget how to calm the thoughts. Rupert is a great listener and very empathetic with the thinking and just seems to know how to stop the thought storms.”